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Lady A 
Loved, Blessed and Blues 

One of the hardest working women of the Northwest music community, Lady A, has released her third full-length album ‘Loved, Blessed and Blues.’ The title is not only the name of the opening track, but a reflection of the ten songs and Lady A’s philosophy on life, as she reflects and testifies to being blessed and loved and to the power of the blues. 

The easy shuffling opening track name checks many icons of blues music and tells how the music can lift up your heart. The groove revs up another notch during “Honey Hush (A tribute to Elnora),” a guitar-driven funk with Lady A recanting a tale of life lessons given to her from her grandma. 

Some tasty lead guitar and mighty Hammond B3 organ swirl around the gospel blues sermon “Don’t Let Your Blues Become a Crime.” She then delivers sassy advice to the lovelorn, “If You Don’t Want It Don’t Waste It.” The two-beat funk “Tired Too” is the scathing rebuke from a women scorned, while some sweet acoustic sounds lift up the R&B ballad “Love Calling.” 

Dexter Allen joins Lady A on the heavy duty Chicago Blues ‘Happy,’ adding his rich baritone vocal barbs and hot lead guitar licks to the standout track. The playful “Take Me back To Seattle” should be adopted by the city’s office of tourism. Lady A then conjures up the full power of gospel music for the album closer, ‘Somebody Here Needs You Lord,’ delivering an altar call with her full-throated alto leading the choir of voices lifted to the heavens. 

Lady A is more than just powerhouse vocalist, she is a gifted storyteller who imparts us with wisdom through the parables of the blues.

by:  Rick J. Bowen
Washington Blues Society 2016